Sunday, 7 October 2012

Cake disaster rescue

It is the unsavory truth of every kitchen and life: things fail. Cakes fail: they break as they get out of the tin, they get overbaked and try or underbaked and gooey and all sorts of drama. This has literally just happened to me with a delighful triple chocolate cake I was going to serve up tomorrow as an end to a mexican feast we are throwing together for a few friends moving into town.

So, here I am with an underbaked cake that broke down on me just as I trie to get it out of the tin. Which was really, really infuriating given it's a beautiful silicone tin with a pretty pattern that I got out for the occasion. Here is what I did.


Your failed cake.
Half a tub of vanilla ice cream (or any other kind of ice cream that you think would complement the flavors in your cake)
Half a cup of lemon juice
Half a cup of chocolate chips
Half a cup of dried cherries

Mix the ice cream with the juice, the chocolate chips and the cherries. If you are salvaging non-chocolate cake you can change what to put into your ice cream. For example, if you were salvaging a plain sponge, some chocolate ice cream with half a cup if rum and some raisins would be nice. A lemon drizzle cake would be nicely complemented by lemon juice and candied violets with white chocolate chips. You get the idea.

Spread a thick layer of slices of your failed cake at the bottom of a cake tin (ideally silicone, but regular will do). Cover every inch of the bottom, cramming in crumbs to cover up small holes. 
Cover the cake up with the ice cream forming a uniform thick layer. Cover this layer of ice cream with a second layer of cake. The crucial thing is that you don't leave any gaps, so make sure you don't cut too thick layers. 

Put in the freezers. The ideal would be to leave it alone for 12 or 24 hours, until it is completely frozen solid.

When it is time to serve, tip it upside down and decorate as you wish. Whipped cream, chocolate chips, fresh fruit, anything you like. 

Mmmmh. And nobody will know.

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