Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Instant tomato soup

When kids are hungry, they need to eat. not in an hour, not in half an hour. NOW. Which is the main reaosn why people end up feeding them so much unhealthy stuff.And the reson why I have devised this quickfix with all thing you have at home already, that will save your life in the winter especially.

1 jar of basil tomato sauce
150g rice
1,50l boiling water from the kettle

Pour the jar into a large saucepan, put on the fire and add the water. Add the rice and leave it to boil for 10 minutes.


I know, incredible right? Of cours,e this is not just for kids, but also for busy students, busy mums, busy people in general. Or hungry people. Or people learning how to cook. Or teenagers. Or anyone really.

Things that you might have at home you might add to feel less guilty about how delicious this is:
1 cup of frozen peas
any chopped up veggies: spring onion, yellow peppers, onion
old shredded chicken cut into tiny pieces

If you don't have any rice at home, you can use:
broken down spaghetti or rice noodles (boil for however long it takes for the pasta to cook). 
smashed pasta: put whatever pasta you have in a zip up plastic bag and mash it with whatever you have (rolling pin, book, hammer).
cubed boiled potatoes: boil then for 10 minutes
cubed raw potatoes: boil for 20 minutes

The sky is the limit!

What are your instant-supper tricks? How do you deal with having no time and wanting to feed everyone yummy healthy food?

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