Monday, 26 December 2011

Happy Christmas Everyone!

Hello everyone! Sorry I disappeared but I’ve been kinda busy. You know, the whole Christmas malarkey. You’ll be pleased to know all went well in the Christmas Dinner department. The Maple Syrup Parsnips where crunchy and delicious (I prop them in the oven with a couple f cups of baby onions, it makes al the difference), the Turkey was great and plump and my Bacon Chestnuts Sprouts were delicious. Are you guys still interested in my Christmas recipes even if Christmas is gone?
Anyway, I have a couple of things to show you that I did in the days coming up to Christmas: my Winter Jam and my Orange Compote, which are both absolute delights and make my holiday table so much more festive. And they’re no-brainers, as well!
Have a wonderful Holiday Season! xxx

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