Monday, 26 December 2011

Hot chocolate mini series - Delicious Grown Up Chocolate

Winter is a tough time for me. I am sooo busy, spinning around like a crazy person out and about all day. Long story short, when I get to sit next to the radiator at night (I sooo wish I had a firplace…) with a good book, a cat in my lap and a nice cup of hot chocolate it’s a real treat. This very grown up delight makes the whole moment much more special.

Ingredients (for 2 mugs of deliciousness):
2 cups of whole fat milk
1 cup of very very strong coffee, still hot
2 tablespoons of dark rum – if you are not feeling quite up to the rum, Bailey’s cream is also good. They also have the mint flavoured one, which is very nice with this if you like mint.
3 tablespoons dark sweetened cocoa
1 teaspoon vanilla essence

Heat up the milk, I normally just bring it to a boil. Add the coffee and the rum and stir them in. Add the cocoa and the vanilla stir it all in. Pour in the mugs and add a little whipped cream if you like it (and it’s not too much calories for you!). Delicious. 

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